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Mason RAW 29" Hardtail MTB


This bike is 12 months old and comes with stock specifications, except for the grips and saddle. It has been set up tubeless with a Vittoria Barzo tire on the front and a Mezcal on the rear. The bike features a 12speed Deore XT and a Rockshox SID Ultimate front suspension fork.

I purchased this bike with the intention of using it for slightly more technical bike packing trips, but so far it has only been used for KAW and a few local trails. As a result, it has only accumulated just under 1,000 miles. I have come to accept that I simply do not have enough time to do all the trips I had hoped to do. As a road cyclist at heart

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The Mason RAW 29" Hardtail MTB is a highperformance mountain bike designed for experienced riders. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, 29" wheels, and a suspension fork for a smooth and responsive ride. The bike also comes equipped with highquality components, including Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a 1x11 drivetrain, making it a top choice for tackling tough terrain.

According to reviews, the Mason RAW 29" Hardtail MTB is a versatile and durable bike that excels on both climbs and descents. Riders praise its smooth handling and efficient power transfer, as well as its ability to handle rough trails with ease. The bike's lightweight frame and highquality components also receive high marks from reviewers, making it







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