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Fantic XF2 Integra Mullet,Electric Bike Trail Medium Frame Hardtail Serviced


This bike is a pleasure to ride, with 90 nm of torque. It has only been used on local tarka trails and roads. In the past, I used to turn off the power for the first 20 km of my rides and then switch it on when I had enough of riding. It has not been ridden on dirt trails. Recently, I had the bike serviced and it now rides great. The handlebar grips have also been replaced with new ones. I have only ridden it back from the bike shop after the service, as you can see on the receipt for details. The battery life is as it should be. The bike has always been stored inside and looks just as it does in the pictures. I am happy to

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The Fantic XF2 Integra Mullet is an electric bike designed for trail riding. It features a medium frame and a hardtail suspension, making it suitable for tackling rough terrain. The bike has been recently serviced, ensuring that it is in top condition for its next owner.

According to reviews, the Fantic XF2 Integra Mullet is a powerful and versatile electric bike. Its mullet design, with a larger wheel in the front and a smaller one in the back, provides excellent traction and stability on the trails. The bike's electric motor and battery allow for effortless pedaling and extended range. Overall, the Fantic XF2 Integra Mullet is highly praised for its performance and durability on the trails.







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