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Custom Amber SIlo BMX BIke 20" Park, Street, Track. Shipping Or Collection


This article is about a custom Amber Silo BMX bike that is 20 inches in size. It is in great refurbished preowned condition and has been completely rebuilt. The bike has a fresh coat of paint and new stickers, as well as Demolition Hammerhead 2.4 tyres, a KMC Z1 chain, brake cable, inner tubes, and lockon grips. All other parts have been refurbished, serviced, and checked, making it ready to ride.

You can see the condition and parts of the bike in the images provided. The images are large so you can zoom in for more details. If you want to read reviews or find out more about the bike's specifications, you can do a Google search.

The bike

velo2velo additional research Collection Only.

The Custom Amber Silo BMX Bike is a versatile and durable option for riders looking to tackle park, street, and track riding. With a 20" frame, this bike is suitable for both adults and teenagers. It features a sleek and modern design, with a black and gold color scheme that is sure to turn heads. The bike is only available for collection, making it a great option for those who want to test it out before purchasing.

According to reviews, the Custom Amber Silo BMX Bike is a highquality and wellbuilt bike that is perfect for all types of riding. Many users praise its smooth and responsive handling, as well as its sturdy construction. The bike is also noted for its comfortable ride and easy







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