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Specialized SWorks Aethos 56cm, Durace Di2, 4i Power Carbon Cockpit


The Specialized SWorks Aethos 56cm in Snake Eye Green is a topoftheline bike that boasts an extremely light carbon frame. It also features Alpinist carbon wheels with upgraded EXP hub internals, as well as limited edition black Turbo Cotton tyres and Turbo super light tubes. The Alpinist carbon cockpit measures 100x42cm, and the bike also comes with an Alpinist carbon seatpost.

In addition, this bike comes with a brand new SWorks Power saddle that has never been used. It also has a full hydraulic 11speed Shimano Di2 with a left side 4iiii power meter and 172.5mm cranks. The Shimano Bluetooth unit is fitted in the

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The Specialized SWorks Aethos 56cm is a highend road bike designed for serious cyclists. It features a lightweight carbon frame and topoftheline components, including a Durace Di2 electronic shifting system and a 4i Power Carbon Cockpit. This bike is known for its exceptional performance and smooth ride, making it a popular choice among professional riders and enthusiasts alike.

According to reviews, the Specialized SWorks Aethos 56cm is a topperforming bike that offers a comfortable and responsive ride. The carbon frame is praised for its stiffness and efficiency, while the electronic shifting system is lauded for its precision and smoothness. The 4i Power Carbon Cockpit is also highly regarded for its







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