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Waltly Titanium Gravel Bikepacking XC Bike


I am selling my bike that I have owned for approximately 1 year. It is a Waltly frame that was originally built for the previous owner. He used it as a flat bar gravel bike with a rigid setup. I have since replaced the fork with a 120 Reba Solo Air RL and have been using it for short XC rides on local trails. If you need more pictures or information, please let me know. These photos were taken after a ride, but the bike will be fully cleaned and lubricated before being sold.

The bike is equipped with Hunt XC Boost wide 29 tubeless tires, but I can swap them for Ardent Race or Rekon Race tires if desired. It also has a USE Vyce Stem,

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The Waltly Titanium Gravel Bikepacking XC Bike is a highperformance bike designed for offroad adventures. It features a lightweight titanium frame, making it durable and strong while still being lightweight. The bike also has a carbon fork, providing a smooth and responsive ride. It is equipped with Shimano components, including a 22speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring reliable and efficient performance on any terrain. The bike has received positive reviews for its versatility, comfort, and overall performance.

According to reviews, the Waltly Titanium Gravel Bikepacking XC Bike is a top choice for those looking for a highquality gravel bike. It has been praised for its smooth ride, thanks to its titanium frame and carbon fork. The bike's Shimano







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