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Ex-Hire Mondraker Crafty R 29Inch Full-Suspension Electric MTB - Blue / Black


We are excited to announce our annual sale of ex-hire bikes, featuring the best bike hire fleet in Wales. All of our bikes have been professionally maintained throughout the 2023 season and have been thoroughly cleaned and serviced after each hire. Our team at Drover Cycles takes great care of our ex-rental bikes before selling them, ensuring that you receive a bike that is clean, mechanically sound, and in perfect working condition. We also replace any worn-out or broken parts, including chains, bottom brackets, and brake pads. Please note that these bikes may have some cosmetic damage, such as scuffs and scrapes, as they have been ridden and enjoyed.

We pride ourselves on being straightforward and honest in our descriptions, and we

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The Ex-Hire Mondraker Crafty R 29Inch Full-Suspension Electric MTB is a high-performance bike designed for off-road adventures. It features a full-suspension system and a powerful electric motor, making it perfect for tackling tough terrain. The bike also has a sleek blue and black design, giving it a stylish and modern look.

According to reviews, the Mondraker Crafty R is a top-of-the-line electric mountain bike that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its full-suspension system provides excellent shock absorption, making it ideal for tackling rough trails. The bike's electric motor is also praised for its power and efficiency, allowing riders to easily conquer steep hills and long distances. Overall, the Ex







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