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Orbea Gain D50, Electric Road Bike, Size M, Only 80 miles ridden. Exc. Cond.


The Orbea Gain D50 is an electric road bike in size M, with only 80 miles ridden. It is in excellent condition and is priced to sell at an RRP of £2499. The bike is in excellent condition with no visible marks. It looks and rides like new, having only been ridden a few times for a total of 80 miles. The bike features a powerful 250-watt motor with 3 assistance levels - Green, Amber, or Red - for maximum power. It comes with a charger and computer instructions, allowing you to ride further and have more fun with the Orbea Gain D50 Claris Disc Electric Road Bike.

The 250-watt motor is located in the rear hub, while

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The Orbea Gain D50 is an electric road bike that has received high praise for its performance and design. With a size medium frame, it is suitable for a wide range of riders. Despite being ridden for only 80 miles, it is in excellent condition and ready to hit the road.

According to reviews, the Orbea Gain D50 offers a smooth and efficient ride, thanks to its lightweight frame and powerful motor. The electric assist feature has been praised for its seamless integration and ability to provide a boost when needed. The bike's sleek design and high-quality components have also received positive feedback from users. Overall, the Orbea Gain D50 is a top choice for those looking for a high-performing and stylish electric road







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