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GT eGrade Amp 2021 Electric Gravel/Road Bike. Hardly used. Great Condition.


The GT eGrade Amp 2021 Electric GravelRoad Bike is available for sale. It has been lightly used and is in great condition. This e RoadGravel Bike from GT is sensibly priced and comes in excellent condition with only a few miles on the clock. It features a powerful 250 Watt Motor and a slim 250Wh battery that is neatly fitted in the downtube. The bike has 3 assistance levels Green, Amber, or Red for maximum power and also comes with a charger. The mileage on the bike is 15 miles and it has only been charged 5 times, making it a barely used electric bike. The size of the bike is M, suitable for riders approximately 5'7

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The GT eGrade Amp 2021 Electric GravelRoad Bike is a highperformance electric bike that is perfect for both gravel and road riding. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and a powerful Shimano motor, making it easy to tackle any terrain with ease. The bike also comes equipped with highquality components, including hydraulic disc brakes and a 10speed drivetrain, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. With its sleek design and impressive performance, the GT eGrade Amp is a top choice for cyclists looking for a versatile and reliable electric bike.

According to reviews, the GT eGrade Amp 2021 Electric GravelRoad Bike is a gamechanger in the world of electric bikes. Many users praise its powerful motor and smooth ride







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