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Boardman ADV 8.9E Electric Gravel Bike - Size XL


This XL frame size bike is suitable for individuals who are between 5’10” and 6’5” tall. It is two years old but has not been used in the past 6 months. Previously, it was only used for commuting to work once or twice a week and has not been used for much else. The battery has not been heavily used as I have ridden it without power for a significant amount of time, with the cover on the down tube. The battery still has 100% life and has only been charged 48 times. Recently, I have updated the firmware to the latest version.

The bike is exactly as specified by the shop (please refer to Halfords’ website where it is currently being sold for £

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The Boardman ADV 8.9E Electric Gravel Bike in size XL is a high-performance electric bike designed for off-road adventures. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, carbon fork, and powerful Shimano motor, making it perfect for tackling tough terrain. The bike also comes equipped with a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and wide tires for added stability and control.

According to reviews, the Boardman ADV 8.9E Electric Gravel Bike is a top choice for those looking for a versatile and powerful electric bike. The bike's motor provides smooth and consistent assistance, making it easy to conquer steep hills and rough terrain. The lightweight frame and comfortable geometry also make it a joy to ride on







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