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Folding electric bike 5 0 0 W A T T 20 Inch Wheels


Introducing the folding e-bike with 20 inch wheels. This bike features a Mate city frame and is equipped with all brand new parts, including the e-bike kit with a 36v 500 watt motor. It can reach a maximum speed of 44 km/h and has a 36v 10ah Liitokala battery. The bike also has a throttle and pedal assist function, as well as a 7-speed cassette from Shimano. The Continental ebike tyres, which cost me 80 pounds, provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The bike also comes with a LED colour display. Please check all the photos for more information and feel free to message me for any additional details. Don't forget to also check

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The Folding Electric Bike 500 Watt 20 Inch Wheels is a compact and powerful mode of transportation. With a 500 watt motor, this bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Its folding design makes it easy to store and transport, making it a convenient choice for commuters or those with limited storage space. The 20 inch wheels provide a smooth and stable ride, while the electric motor allows for effortless pedaling.

According to reviews, the Folding Electric Bike 500 Watt 20 Inch Wheels is a reliable and efficient option for urban commuters. Its compact size and folding capabilities make it easy to navigate through crowded streets and store in small spaces. The 500 watt motor provides enough power to tackle hills and inclines







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