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Rad Power Radwagon 4 (Electric Utility Cargo Bike) With Cover And Spare Parts


The Rad Power Radwagon 4 is an electric utility cargo bike that comes with a cover and spare parts. I have personally used this bike for 2 years, mainly to take my 2 children to school. They absolutely loved it and felt safe with the caboose at the back and the cover for rainy days.
The bike includes 2 back seats for passengers, which can be removed to attach a basket. I have also upgraded the brakes to hydraulic disc brakes, as I found the original ones to be inadequate. However, the original mechanical disc brakes are still included.
In addition, the bike comes with a front mounted basket and rack for storage, as well as a Tannus Armour Bundle for both tires (not yet installed).

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The Rad Power Radwagon 4 is an electric utility cargo bike that is designed to make transportation easier and more efficient. It features a sturdy frame and powerful motor, making it capable of carrying heavy loads and tackling tough terrain. The bike also comes with a cover and spare parts, ensuring that riders are always prepared for any unexpected maintenance needs.

According to reviews, the Radwagon 4 is a highly versatile and reliable electric bike. Its cargo capacity and powerful motor make it a great choice for hauling groceries, kids, or even camping gear. The bike's cover and spare parts have also been praised for their convenience and durability. Overall, the Radwagon 4 is a top choice for those looking for a practical and efficient mode of transportation.







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