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Electric Rickshaw Pedicab Passangers Cargo Taxibike


I am selling this bike because I am moving to another one. The motor was purchased for £450 in March of this year and has only been used for 20km. The 20AH lithium battery was bought for £490 in March and has only been charged twice. Before the sale, it will be cleaned and any rust will be removed.

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The Electric Rickshaw Pedicab Passengers Cargo Taxibike is a unique and innovative mode of transportation that combines the convenience of a bicycle with the functionality of a taxi. It is designed to carry both passengers and cargo, making it a versatile option for urban areas. The bike is powered by an electric motor, making it eco-friendly and efficient.

According to reviews, the Electric Rickshaw Pedicab has received positive feedback for its smooth and comfortable ride, as well as its durability and low maintenance costs. Many users have praised its ability to navigate through busy city streets and its ability to carry heavy loads. Some have also noted its affordability compared to traditional taxis. Overall, the Electric Rickshaw Pedicab has been praised for its practicality







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