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20inch wheel ebike Electric bike 1500 Watts 48v 14ah With Folding Handlebars


The 20-inch wheel ebike is an electric bike with a 1500W 48V 14ah motor and folding handlebars. It features a rear hub brushless motor and can reach a maximum speed of 35+mph. The speed can be adjusted to your preference using the handlebar LCD (Sw900) which has 5 levels of pedal assist. The bike also has the option of using a thumb throttle or pedal assist (PAS).

The bike is powered by a lithium battery with a capacity of 48V 14ah. The rim tire is 20 2.10 QILIN and the rim tape is made of thick, colored nylon. The bike comes 85% assembled and will require some fittings

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The 20inch wheel ebike is a powerful electric bike with a 1500 watt motor and a 48v 14ah battery. It is designed for both on and off-road use, making it a versatile option for riders. The bike also features folding handlebars, making it easy to store and transport.

According to reviews, the 20inch wheel ebike is a great option for those looking for a powerful and versatile electric bike. The 1500 watt motor provides plenty of power for both on and off-road riding, and the 48v 14ah battery allows for longer rides without needing to recharge. The folding handlebars are also a convenient feature for storage and transportation. Overall, the 20inch wheel ebike







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