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T1 Skapegoat Frame 21.25tt Terrible One Skapegoat Frame ONLY UsedGood


You are purchasing a T1 Skapegoat Frame with a 21.25" Top Tube. This is for the FRAME ONLY. The frame is a glossy black color and includes builtin chain tensioners and a removable brake kit. When installing the lugs, I used a small amount of lockite. The frame's geometry is ideal for street riding, bowls, and trails, but may be a bit long for 100% skatepark riding. Please note that no bike parts are included with this purchase.

I am selling this frame because I discovered that it is slightly heavier than other frames on the market, and I am not a fan of the heavy black look. However, it is in excellent condition and is undoubtedly one of

velo2velo additional research The Terrible One Skapegoat Frame is a highquality, durable frame designed for BMX riders. It features a 21.25 inch top tube length, making it suitable for riders of all sizes. The frame is made from 4130 chromoly steel, known for its strength and lightweight properties. It also has a unique design with a curved top tube and tapered rear stays, giving it a sleek and modern look. The frame is in used but good condition, making it a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable BMX frame.

The Terrible One Skapegoat Frame has received positive reviews from BMX riders and enthusiasts. Many have praised its sturdy construction and smooth ride, noting that it can handle even the







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